Harry Potter and the Deathly Carmageddon

1 Jul

Photo by Toni Wells

There have been some strange occurrences going on in the world recently, from disastrous oil spills, earthquakes, solar flares, massive animals deaths, floods, and nuclear accidents. With 2012 approaching, many fear armageddon is upon us. Fact is, people in Los Angeles may experience it sooner rather than later, as we are going to be witness to one of the most powerful alignments of the stars, when the Harry Potter premiere coincides with the closure for repairs of the 405 freeway; what is being referred to as carmageddon.

The massive closure is putting a somewhat ironic spin on the Harry Potter poster tagline “it all ends 07.15.11” since chances are you may find it a challenge to get yourself to a decent movie theatre in order to watch it end. Were you planning on watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 in 3D or IMAX? Pop that cinematic balloon dream. What Los Angeles-based Harry Potter fans have to look forward to this weekend is nothing less than the 8th Horcrux; the one no one knew existed.

As usual, Potter fans are going to have to rely on creativity, magic spells, a sword of Gryffindor perhaps… Good luck!

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