Reason for Loving Harry #14: Harry Potter Inspires Social Activism

8 Aug

Chapter Seven of Diary of a Harry Potter Addict features a great, in-depth interview with Andrew Slack, Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance and co-founder of Imagine Better which is a coalition of internet and fan communities who have united for social activism. Here’s a small excerpt to whet your appetite for more of our bookette…


Have you witnessed any signs of Harry Potter Series-End Disorder? What is your advice to someone who might be feeling H.P. withdrawal symptoms?

I recognize that the Harry Potter fandom since 2007 has had the movies as a unifying factor – and the fact that the last movie stimulates a significant change. No longer will Harry be in the zeitgeist of culture the way he has been for so long. We’ll need to find new adventures and journeys – and already I’m seeing plenty of Harry Potter fans doing that as Nerdfighters and fans of Dr. Who. Moreover, I’m seeing them take the characters they know and love and the friends in the fandom and going beyond the contours of this one particular moment in movie making and for that matter, Harry Potter history. But Harry will always be there, waiting for us, for another adventure both in our heads and still in those books.

It is true, and this can’t be denied, that the experience of Wizard Rock, fan sites, podcasts and livestreams, fan art, fan fiction, role play, Harry Potter Alliance, conferences and more have allowed, as Paul DeGeorge [HPA co-founder and Harry and the Potters band member] would say, the solitude of reading to become a communal experience. That’s why with the Harry Potter Alliance, we started Imagine Better. We don’t want to see an end to that communal experience and the power that that communal experience has to renew both our souls as individuals and the soul of our collective world and humanity. That is why we have already begun working with fan communities of other blockbuster books, TV shows, and movies (while remaining committed to Harry Potter) as well as the world’s most prominent YouTube celebrities and NYT best selling authors in an unprecedented network that takes a bottom up approach toward harnessing the energy of modern myth, social media, and popular culture for social change.

Harry Potter is the most popular piece of fiction in human history. That is how we began this journey of using story to change the world. And we will stay committed to the values within that journey. But it is only our beginning; our moment of landing in Oz. Now we leave the Munchkin City and begin this adventure anew, always knowing that the power to return to home is right at our feet.


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3 Responses to “Reason for Loving Harry #14: Harry Potter Inspires Social Activism”

  1. Jeyna Grace August 8, 2011 at 5:01 AM #

    I have PPD… 😦

  2. Wilton Hornack August 13, 2011 at 8:50 AM #

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

    • Kerin August 13, 2011 at 3:25 PM #

      Thank you sooooo much for you comments! They made our day. 🙂

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