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Dark Forces Were Intense This Week… Bye Alan Rickman

15 Jan

Diary of Potter


Happy Leaky Con Harry Potter Addict Discount

9 Aug

We wish we could be at LeakyCon!!! For those who can and can not attend, enjoy this $1 off towards Diary of a Harry Potter Addict. Please shop for the paperback at our Amazon CreateSpace estore and use coupon code EJGTGQX2 at checkout. Mahalo!!!

Diary of a Harry Potter Book Sale

30 May

Now through the end of June, save $2.00 off Diary of a Harry Potter Addict when you buy the paperback direct from our Diary of a Harry Potter Addict Amazon Create Space store! Use promo code: 6QALAM62


Potter Addict Stickers

10 Dec

potter addict stickers

Available direct from our CafePress store. They look super cute on car bumpers, books and foreheads!

Diary of a Harry Potter Sale

8 Dec
Need a sorting hat to decide your holiday gift giving? How about an under $10 gift that every Potter fan will appreciate: Diary of a Harry Potter Addict paperback from our Amazon CreateSpace shop. And now through December we’re offering 15% off with promo code: JKKG2T9N
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23 Aug

We don’t think we’ll be playing with our chemistry set for a while…

“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”

16 Aug

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Happy 20th birthday, Miss Evanna Lynch!