23 Aug

We don’t think we’ll be playing with our chemistry set for a while…


All the Cool Kids Are Doing It!

22 Aug

Kid superstars Julian (top) and brothers Diego and Joaquin (bottom) proving that reading Diary of a Harry Potter Addict is the ultimate in coolness.


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“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”

16 Aug

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Happy 20th birthday, Miss Evanna Lynch!

Anyone For A Game of Street Quidditch™?

13 Aug

The International Quidditch Association‘s hoop design contest ended Thursday at 11:59PM. Sadly, the above design by Diary of a Harry Potter Addict‘s contributing artist, Victor Morataya, could not be submitted due to technical difficulties (ie., we couldn’t get our scanner to work). But since we think it’s absolutely brilliant , we’ve decided to share it.

Cheap, easy to make and perfect for Street Quidditch™!

“‘Cause I’ve Got a Golden Ticket…”

13 Aug

Golden ticket

Isn’t it pretty? Sure, it’s only an owl telling us to wait for another owl but still… We’re beyond excited! So excited, in fact, that we’re planning a little Pottermore-related surprise for one lucky fan… Details coming soon!

PS. Thanks to Harry Potter Wiki for posting our screen grab because it made us feel special. 🙂


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Reading Is Cool!

11 Aug

Our youngest supporter!

And so is our youngest supporter and fan, Miss Coyote B, seen here thoroughly engrossed in her copy of Diary of a Harry Potter Addict.

Quidditch for the Treatment of Harry Potter Series End Disorder (HPSED)

9 Aug

Alicia Radford, COO, Secretary and Treasurer of the International Quidditch Association, gives great Q&A in Chapter Four of Diary of a Harry Potter Addict. We decided to share a little. Let the match begin!


Can anyone join a Quidditch team? Are there tryouts? What are the logistics for starting teams in your area?

Anyone can join! Tryout procedures differ from team to team. Many teams let anyone and everyone play, but hold tryouts for the competitive team that will travel to tournaments. At Emerson College in Boston, five “house” teams play all year, and a separate World Cup team is formed through tryouts – those players practice throughout the year together as well as in their house teams. Many schools use the house format to form intramural teams, where people sign up to play on Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff.

To start a team, you should download the current rulebook from our website for free – or even better, download our handbook for $3, which includes a guidebook with advice on starting a team, making or buying equipment, getting players together for your first game, hosting a tournament, and more. Fill out the “join up” form on the IQA site so an IQA rep in your area can contact you to see if you have any questions and help you get started. Then, find people! Post flyers around school, start a Facebook group, badger your friends, whatever it takes!

We noticed mentions of these in fan fiction; but are there real Quidditch cheerleaders? Mascots?

Chestnut Hill College came to the 2008 World Cup with a saxophone-playing priest for a mascot. It was awesome. The Ursuline School, an all-girls high school in New Rochelle, New York, has a big koala as a mascot, with a Harry Potter scar and glasses. I have yet to see cheerleaders, probably because Quidditch is co-ed, so the girls are playing!

Quidditch seems like a positive co-ed sport. How is the mix between men and women playing? Do you recommend it to fans looking to make compatible love connections?

Apparently, according to Cosmo magazine, Quidditch is a good place to find your next boyfriend! The fact that men and women play together on the Quidditch pitch is actually kind of unremarkable, because it’s so normal. The women play with equal ferocity and skill, and as an organization we think co-ed Quidditch is important because it teaches men and women to play with and against each other in a way that doesn’t happen in any other college sport. There are many couples who have met on the Quidditch pitch, too.


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Wanna experience Quidditch for yourselves? We can’t think of a better place to do it than at the 2011 Quidditch World Cup on November 12 – 13, 2011 at Randall’s Island, NYC! Visit the 2011 World Cup page for more information.